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Mirror Street Media provides access to multiple media access. Each room focuses on the clients need based on their projects requirements, and we hold a space for each need. Recording vocals, sound engineering, voice overs, live streaming, photography, and much more.

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Recording Rooms

Recording Room A

Our flagship recording room.

With our Slate Audio Raven Core Station as the centerpiece. We have our Dynaudio Monitors paired with a powerful JL audio sub.

Neumann Microphone with our Avalon Preamp feeding our Apollo twin X interface. Beyerdynamic studio headphones for the booth and for mixing. Everything in room A is ran thru a 2021 iMAC M1 that’s been fully equipped from apple. We have all the latest software with all the latest plug ins. Such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic etc… with plug ins like Waves, Autotune, Melodyne, native instruments, just to name a few. With our gorgeous textured accent wall and fully customizable LED lighting, its a perfect room to record your next hit or record your next music video.



Podcast Studio

Our facility offers industry leading podcast equipment. Both audio and video feeds can be controlled, adjusted and edited remotely from the control room upstairs. 4 condenser phantom powered microphones on boom stands with Phillips studio headphones. All of which runs through our multi-channel snake upstairs to our Rodecaster Pro mixer/interface. Video is captured through our Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro ISO. We use a Canon 5D Mark ii, Sony A7iii, Canon Rebel T3i, Go Pro, and DJI Osmo Pocket. All of which can be switched live during streaming including effects and picture options. Post Production is handled through Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Lounge Area

Between the recording rooms, our lounge area embeds a relaxing ambience with our LED lighting setting the mood. You can also entertain guests, premiere your latest projects, have a fun gathering, or all of the above!


Photo Studio

Whether you are just getting started on your photography journey or are a seasoned pro, having a reliable photo studio to do commercial work is a must. If its glamour shots, head shots, product pictures or portraits, we are here to fulfill your needs. A seamless paper white back drop gives a Professional look to your photographs and the ability to easily edit them in post. A variety of soft light boxes, diffuser and bounce umbrellas. A pair of Paul C Buff Alien Bee B800 remote flash with wired or wireless trigger options.



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