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Mirror Street Media offers a variety of special services using top notch audio and video equipment that ensures high quality production. 

Meeting our clients expectation (even exceeding them) is what increases our drive to provide excellent results. We offer video, audio, and photography platforms to carry out any of your projects needs.


  • iMac 2021 M1 Chip

  • Mac Pro 2010 Intel QuadCore (x2)

  • Macbook Pro 16" (64gb RAM)

  • Macbook Pro 13" M1 Chip


  • Ableton Push 2 (Latest Model)

  • 1978 Peavy Amp Glasstube Machine (Latest Model)

  • Line 6 Amp Guitar 

  • Fender Squire Bass Amp

  • Komplete Keyboard G1 Native Instruments

  • Piano Yamaha Clarinova Bluetooth Midi

  • Taylor 714C Acoustic Guitar

  • D'Angelico Elvis Presley Electric Guitar

  • Light Form 3D Mapping Projector (with Tripod)

  • SSL 2+

  • Raven Core Station

  • Avalon V5

  • Neuman TLM103 Microphone

  • AKG C414 Microphone

  • Studio Monitors Dynaudio BMSTA

  • SUB JL Audio 10"

  • Apollo Twin X

  • Headphones DT770 Pro x2

  • Beyerdynamic AKG K240 Studio

  • Event Audio Ten Ref 8

  • Sub Yamaha 10"

  • Sterline Powered 4P Amp


  • Protools Latest Version

  • Ableton Latest Version

  • Logic Latest Version

  • Garage Band Latest Version

  • Final Cut Pro Latest Version

  • Luna Latest Version

  • Premiere Pro 2021

  • Autotune

  • Melodynel Studio Suite

  • Native Instruments Full Studio Suite


    Waves Diamond

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